Kennedy Seniors Centre

Posted: May 19th, 2015  /   By Terry  /  

     The Kennedy Seniors Centre is a long time place for seniors in North Delta to enjoy many aspects of an active friendly life style.
     For those 55+ or other youngsters wanting to be seniors in training through to those past their 100th birthday you will find both activities and volunteer opportunities that offer much enjoyment.
     Every week day there are a host of activities and the lunch cafeteria offers both a daily changing menu and a place to meet many peers.

Surrey Memorial Hospital

Posted: Nov 5th, 2014  /   By Alex  /  

     The Surrey Memorial Hospital is the North Delta Emergency go to location complimenting Delta Hospital for the smaller communities of Ladner and Tsawwassen.
     Emergency at Surrey Memorial Hospital is the 2nd largest of its kind in Canada and they are 1 of only 2 Pediatric Emergency care centers for children in British Columbia.
     Daily they bring order back to the lives of Deltans facing the chaos and crisis health issues present.


Posted: Sep 30th, 2014  /   By Arnold  /  

     TOOB is an organization of community minded men working in fellowship to help in Tsawwassen, Ladner and Delta.
     Founded in 1984, to ease the burdens faced by those less fortunate, the name came from the International Order of Old Bastards founded shortly after World War II in Australia.
     'Old Bastard' is meant as a friendly, jovial greeting. Many Vets and their survivors down under, found support from the IOOB.
     Our local "Old Bastards" are much beloved and appreciated for their tireless fund raising and work to help organizations and people in need.

Royal Canadian Legion Delta Branch 61

Posted: May 28th, 2014  /   By Arnold  /  

     Year after year, Ladners Branch 61 has been a strong community support in Delta. The Seniors Services Handbook just released, was made possible because of their support. It offers points of contact for Deltan Seniors to find local services, organizations and people that help with their daily needs.
     The members of Branch 61 step up time and again the whole year long. In particular they have been contributors to the Christmas Hampers for Deltans that have feed many thousands of Deltans for more than a decade.
     Well earned recognition they can be proud of that is both needed and appreciated.

Great 8 Delta Organizations

Posted: March 12th, 2014  /   By Steve  /  

      Of the many applications made to the provincial government for gaming grants eight Delta organizations have made the grade.
Great to see their worthiness acknowledged and the more good things for Delta.
   • REACH Child & Youth Development $92,000
   • Canadian Mental Health Association Delta Branch $85,000
   • Pony Pals Therapeutic Riding $30,000
   • Lions Club Tsawwassen $11,500
   • Knights of Columbus, Immaculate Conception $10,000
   • Scouts - 3rd Boundary Bay $7,100
   • Sunshine Hills Parent Participation Preschool $7,000
   • Lutins Du Bois Language Preschool $6,300
All Good News for Delta!

Port Metro Vancouver Supports Delta

Posted November 27th, 2013  /   By AF  /  

      Besides currently being responsible for 3000 jobs that the 100,000 people living in Delta depend on, Port Metro Vancouver (ie.PMV) is a serious supporter of the community. This year the Port has worked to help Deltans with every thing from being the 'Primary' sponsor of the Delta Chamber of Commerce Awards to providing $60,000 this year to Delta's REACH Child and Youth Development Society, as well as again for each of the following two years. They are thoughtful contributors who think through impacts, as can be seen in their most recent donation to Deltassist that included the request its use be divided equally between the three areas of Delta (Tsawwassen, Ladner and North Delta).
      Port Metro Vancouver takes its 'landlord of the banks of the Fraser' role seriously as it helps tenants interact with the City of Delta, Provincial Government, Federal Government and various Deltan organizations and committees.
      People genuinely working to make Delta a better place to live.

Len Stroh is Awarded the 2013 Delta Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Service Award

Posted November 15th, 2013  /   By Steve  /  

      Len Stroh has spent the last 4 decades helping Deltans through many Delta organizations. He has just completed work with the Delta Heritage Advisory Commission and the Delta Museum on top of ongoing activities with the North Delta Terry Fox Run, North Delta Secondary School Dry Grads, Delta and Richmond Operation Red Nose, Delta Planning Advisory Commission, Delta Sport Council and the Delta Parks Recreation and Culture Commission. From coaching to working on committees and boards he has impacted and enhanced the lives of many Deltans. In Lens words 'it is not about work it is about you'.…

Scott Foran and Barry Harman received the Rising Star Delta Chamber of Commerce Award

Posted November 15th, 2013  /   By Steve  /  

      505 Junk started with the idea of charging by weight instead of by volume for the removal of junk. These post secondary students have built this business since 2011 with a growing focus on recycling and diverting what they remove. Already recognized by; Small Business BD Successful You Awards, Best Community Impact and Best Junk Removal Service in Vancouver they are members of Delta we can be proud of.…

Kathy Swift earned the 2013 Special Events and Tourism award from the Delta Chamber of Commerce Award

Posted November 15th, 2013  /   By Steve  /  

      Kathy works with between 100 and 200 members of the Delta Artists Guild to bring their creations to the public. The local artists and performers present their art at the Tsawwassen Longhouse Gallery along with the best work from the rest of British Columbia. Community outreach allows thousands to experience this and to raise funds at events and for organizations that include; the Tsawwassen Sun Festival, Delta Hospital Foundation, Delta Humane Society, Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society and provide support for our local high school students. Thank you Kathy.…

Jacky Hillariet and Debbie Cheong Awarded the 2013 Delta Chamber of Commerce Best Delta Employee Award

Posted November 15th, 2013  /   By Steve  /  

      Jacky Hillariet of the Royal Canadian Legion and Debbie Cheong of the BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre’s share the honour this year. Everyone they help sees how they go out of their way to bring the firms they work for and clients together. The best of a win win relationship for all Deltans.…

Business of the Year for 2013 is Modern Engineering

Posted November 15th, 2013  /   By Steve  /  

      Udo Jahn accepted the Business of the Year award from the Delta Chamber of Commerce. A Delta business, since 1984, that supplies businesses all around the world with automated machining of components from various metals. A strong example to all Delta businesses of how working with employees can build a community business into a world class business.…

Citizen of the Year for 2013 is Michael Duncan

Posted November 15th, 2013  /   By Steve  /  

      Michael graciously accepted this award and made his mother proud by the years of considerate community work he has done. Those at Tsawwassen United or involved in OWL already know about his heart being in the community and others have seen it reflected in his Friends of Heritage Award(2009) winning book Green Horizons: This Then is Delta.…

Gordy's Cafe

Posted October 29th, 2013  /   By Arnold  /  

   The best burgers and shakes ever. According to a review by - The burger on it’s own is fantastic. Juicy, fresh, high quality beef on a fresh bun with quality produce and real mayo. Add the cheese skirt and this burger becomes a contender for best burger in Vancouver. Milk shakes made with real fruit and ice cream. Close to the Pattullo Bridge on 120th in North Delta. Open 7 days a week 7am to 9pm. Great food and great prices. …

Christmas Hamper Program In Delta

Posted October 16th, 2013  /   By Arnold  /  

   This year Deltassist donated windbreakers with "Working for George" on the arm to mark the current Christmas drive. George Koka passed away earlier this year after decades of shared leadership. Mike Hatfield now coordinates the effort by the Tsawwassen Order of Old Bastards, North Delta Rotary, Ladner Legion Branch 61, Deltassist and Paridon Horticulture for this years work.

   The hard work of the members of all these service organizations makes it possible that Deltassist is able to provide food hampers and toys to families and individuals in Delta and The Tsawwassen First Nation, who are registered under various government support programs.

   Wally Hill and friends started this work back in 1984 at the Tsawwassen's Rose & Crown Pub, according to the British Columbia Hansard. They wanted to be sure no one in the Tsawwassen, Ladner or Point Roberts went without a Christmas dinner. Their 1st year fundraising and delivery resulted in 25 happier Christmas family meals. For the last couple of years they have grown the number to over 600.

The members of these organizations and those who donate support to bring about this kind of neighbourly care have much to be proud of. …

Louise Wechselberger

Posted October 7th, 2013  /   By Arnold  /  

   Delta Chamber of Commerce Member Relations Manager Louise Wechselberger was awarded the Canadian National Staff Person of the Year Award. Bruce Carter presented the award at the annual CCEC meeting recognizing Louise for "outstanding performance of a staff member of a chamber of commerce or board of trade". She works to make Delta a better place each day, day after day.…

Aroma Deli in North Delta - Vancouver's Best European Deli

Posted September 30th, 2013  /   By LY1d  /  

   From an extended selection of teas to broad selection of sausage and smoke meats Aroma Deli offers tastes of Europe. The Best Deli in Delta enjoys clients who visit from all over the lower mainland. Something for every ones tastes…

City of Surrey

Posted September 18th, 2013  /   By CityTalk  /  

   Clean Energy Infrastructure in Surrey delivers clean energy to City Hall and library. This means Surrey will reduce GHG emissions by 1200 tons per year. Special thanks from your neighbour Delta.…

Monte Cristo Bakery

Posted July 20, 2013  /   By LY1  /  

   Monte Cristo Bakery has worked with the students from Delview Secondary High School and Deltassist to provide nutritious food to students and others in Delta. While packaged and canned food is made available Monte Cristo has brought superior ingredients and consistent weekly baked goods to the mouths of children arriving hungry at school and families facing the challenges life brings.…


REACH Child and Youth Development Society

Ducks in Delta

Posted July 21, 2013  /   By Arnold Farquard  /  

   REACH provides choices and ongoing support to children with special needs and their families.
   The Reach building in Ladner got helping hands from Westshore Terminals, who donated $100,000, the City of Delta, who are providing the land for the project valued at in excess of $1 million dollars and the Ladner Tsawwassen Kinsmen Club.
   This fall Reach will be providing quality education experiences at South and North Delta preschool locations.
   Reach also delivers services including: renting wheelchair bikes, Aboriginal Child Development, Therapies Program, Infant Development, Positive Behavioural Support, Social Smart Club, Respite Care, Supported Child Development, Delta Connex, New Parent Orientation, Parent Network for Parents of Children with Special Needs, Positive Connections, and Counselling Services.…

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

Posted June 5th, 2013  /   By LY1  /  

   Vancity stepped up to provide the thousands of dollars needed to provide Income Tax Services to those in Delta through the Deltassist Communities Services.
   Trained volunteers were able to again help seniors and others in need file their income tax returns so that they would be able to fulfil this requirement for support many programs have.

George Koka

Posted Dec 2012  /   By Stephanie Ip  /  

   George has spent the last 40 some years coordinating the Delta Christmas Hamper Program. Hundreds of families each year have a day that is better for the work of George and more than 30 Delta community organizations in sourcing, gathering up, packaging and delivering the hampers each year. George freely admits "I just like helping people." just before reminding volunteers to have some candy in your hand to give the kids.…

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  • Comments by AMD :

      The hundreds of volunteers who have put tremendous effort and commitment into this work also deserve recognition and thanks.
      George sets the bar high for making Christmas better in Delta and each year many are honoured to accept the challenge.

  • Gordon Food Services

    Posted Nov 2012  /   By LY1  /  

       Gordon Food Services (GFS) and its staff collect and deliver a container of toys and happiness to the youth of Delta each year for many years now. Their support and joy they bring with them makes the work each years Christmas Hamper represents a lot more fun.…